Black Ships

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ISBN: 9781841496993
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You must know that, despite all else I am, I am of the People.

This is one of those books that I’ve spotted several times in book shops and thought about picking up. But every time that little voice said to me “No more books! You’re moving soon, do you really want more stuff to carry around” and so I’d resist. But yesterday I had to take a train journey. With no mp3 player and no reading material. So I popped into Easons first. And there I picked up this book. To be totally honest, its the cover that always attracts me. There is just something about it that makes me pick this book up and flicking through it. I never even read the back of the book. I read the opening few pages and figured, what the hell, its can’t hurt, and added yet another book to my shelves. And so I have my first book of this year’s Once Upon a Time[1] challenge.

Because I hadn’t read the back I didn’t realise that this is a retelling of The Aeneid, not that it really matters, I’ve never read Virgil. I was vaguely familiar with some aspects of the story line, but other I knew nothing about. Okay, most of it I knew nothing about. Maybe that helped me enjoy the book more because I wasn’t thinking “that’s not in Virgil”? Or maybe if I had read it I would be all “ooohh, I like how that was changed”? Either way I did like the book. A lot.

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  1. this is slightly a cheat, Im still not sure what else Im reading for the challenge but Im sure I will find something

Top 5

Ask me what me top 5 anythings are, *fx: Mrs Doyle* go on go on go on.

To explain a little further, in the comments ask me about something, clouds, for example. And in response I’ll tell you my top five

  • clouds at sunset
  • clouds that look like something else (okay, so that’s cheating, but I couldn’t find any online that I liked)
  • wispy ones that you cant really see because they are so high over head, and that mean it is a nice summer’s day
  • Big dark heavy ones, they look all dramatic
  • Clouds with silver lining :)

Lifted from Max Lee Dagger, so give me a topic already. But do try to make it more interesting than clouds. Also, if I don’t have a top five you’ll just have to be satisfied by whatever I do manage to list.

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I love

the internet. Through it you can find out such great information. For example, Neil Gaiman has a Beowulf script that looks like it’ll be made into a film, directed by Robert Zemeckis. I also manage to finally purchase GGK’s Fionavar trilogy. I went into Hodges looking for it, but although they had book one and […]