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Weekly photo #20

Twenty, wow, and we’re in what week 40-summat. Well, better than last year I suppose :) This is one of the swans on the canal near whe [...]

Weekly photo #17

Like a bird on a wire [...]

2010 #14

Tis a bird high up in the sky [...]

2010 #10

Good lord, week ten already. And I've missed some... this year is flying by [...]

2010 #3

Over the winter I’ve been putting out food for the birdses. I usually don’t get to see them enjoy it as by the time I’m ho [...]

2009 #8

I’m pretty sure that this is a moorhen. The photo was taken on St. Patrick’s day, doesn’t it look nice and sunny! Usually [...]


Remember my last T13, where I listed stuff that I wanted. Well, there was a reason I didn’t mention a camera, as I had just gone and o [...]
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