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Alien dir. by

Dir. Ridley Scott

Can you believe that this film is 31 years old? Thirty one years old. That’s as old as I am. And yet it is still as effective as ever. And perfect for the RIP’s Peril on the Screen.

You probably all know the plot; a commercial space vessel’s crew is woken from cryo-sleep midway through their journey home. The ship’s computer has picked up a transmission that may be an SOS call. As they investigate they find an abandoned ship but suffer an attack on a crew member. They retreat to their own ship, carrying their injured member, and ignoring quarantine procedures, they undergo treatment from the science officer. And then things begin to go wrong…

admit that the waters around you have grown

admit that the waters around you have grown

Alien: the director’s cut was on Sky One last night[1] although I couldn’t really tell you what the difference is between that and the theatrical release as I haven’t seen it in a while. And I missed the first half cause...