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7 Stars
These are the books and films I enjoyed, but was never really enthralled with. A certain something was lacking in them


Tally Youngblood is an Ugly. All her friends hav [...]

Nicholas Dane

This is the sort of book I don't usually read. Y [...]

Summer of night

It is the last day of school at "Old Central", the building is being decommissioned and after the summer holidays the children will be go [...]

The Village

For this year's RIP challenge Carl has suggested that as well as reading horror-ific books we might also watch some suitable films and to ge [...]

Sisters Red

Sisters Red is the story of two sisters, Scarlett and Rosie, one day, while walking home they encountered a stranger upon th [...]

Bridge of birds

In an Ancient China, that never was, Yu Lu (not to be confused with the eminent author of The Classic of Tea) sets out on a quest to save th [...]

The devil in the flesh

by Raymond Radiguet translated by Christopher Moncrieff

Although the


By Dan Simons I really loved Ilium when I read it in June so was looking forward to this, the sequel. And it kicks off right where we left [...]

Fun home : a family tragicomic

Like many father, mine co [...]
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