Back from the Brink

with Vincent Hogan ISBN: 1846050766 See also: ; Wikipedia ; BBC ; The Telegraph Paul McGrath is probably Ireland’s best loved sporting star. Known as god to many an Aston Villa fan, he was one of our greatest players ever. And we all knew he had a drinking problem, there were the disappearances. And a […]

Once In A Lifetime

Pelé Franz Beckenbauer Giorgio Chinaglia Carlos Alberto Rodney Marsh In the late 70’s and early 80’s there was an attempt made to launch football in the United States of America. Ultimately, it failed, but for a few years the New York Cosmos, a team owned by Warner, fielded some of the world’s greatest football players […]

Red Mist

Full title Red Mist: Roy Keane and the Football Civil war. A fan’s story
ISBN: 0747570140 See also: LibraryThing ; Roy’s stats from Man U ; Guardian article written during Saipan ; Divided opinion from Irish fans ; Reuter’s article on Roy’s return ; Review of the book from the Sunday Post ; Google search one Roy Keane and Saipan ; Profile of Mick McCarthy from ; The big fight Online fro p45 :)

For those of you who are not Irish, or not football fans (soccer) the Roy Keane and Mick McCarthy saga might be unheard of. If you are a football fan then you should know, and if you’re Irish then the events in Saipan must have been discussed with various people.
Of course we don’t really know what happened in Asia in 2002, but that doesn’t really matter, we still took sides and either defended McCarthy or blamed him.

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