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Orcs by

ISBN: 0575074876On the back of this book one the quotes says it: “Subverts traditional fantasy tropes by centring on the much-maligned...

Tatty by

I really liked this book. The writing was simple and straight-forward but wonderful. Dwyer Hickey makes Tatty, the character, come alive,...

Time traveler’s wife by

Author: Audrey Niffengger

I’ve listed this under chick-lit as it is basically a romance story, with a little bit of sci-fi (in the form of time travel) thrown in. The plot revolves around Clare and Henry, who meet when Clare was 6 and Henry 36. But marry when Clare was 22 and Henry 30.

Gifted by ,

ISBN:0785115315 I’ve always been a theoretical fan of the X-Men comics. What I mean is that I’ve always thought they were...