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Elvis and bin Laden

The view that the war made an attack “a lot less likely” got an asterisk (less than 0.5 per cent).
This is substantially less than the proportion of people who are reported (in other surveys) to believe that Elvis is alive or that aliens are controlling government policy.

So much for blindly following orders

it appears there were fundamental differences between the US dominated headquarters and Australian pilots over what constituted a valid military target. Squadron Leader Pudney said under Australia’s rules of engagement pilots had to ask themselves on each mission whether it was right to drop their bombs

The BNP in Ireland

The British National Party have recently launched an Irish campaign to “keep Ireland Irish.” :( As if we don’t have enough of that sort of rubbish over here already. According to their website Ireland is now filling up with “Third World immigrants/asylum seekers” yes those are there terms, because obviously none of the non-Irish looking(??) people could possibly have jobs could they? Like nurses and doctors??? Or working in your local shop or take-away?

Happy New Year

I was born in the Year Of The Ram: “The Year Of The Ram 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991,...

Oi, Today fm, NO!

One of Today FM‘s adverts has been banned from British TV. It is the Ray D’Arcy one, in case you are...

what not to do

Speaking of LOTR here is a list of: “Things NOT to do during a showing of ‘Return of the King’….. 1....


strangely enough bombs in Indonesia tend to kill more people from Jakarta than Jersey and yet always it is an attack on our interests, on our culture. Is it this reaction as much as anything else that sickens the people of these countries who have been attacked, it certainly sickens me – that we cannot sympathise or understand but merely try to transfer this into our own framework, one that is easier for us to accept. The message is therefore – ‘well we’re sorry that some of your people died, but imagine how it must feel for us’.


Did you know that it is 10yrs since Nirvana released their Unplugged album, I must be getting old. Information from Ray...

College work

Well it is the end of another day in which I got no work done. Okay I did manage to make...