from Mayhem

It’s easy to express vulnerability when you are strong, and almost impossible when you are not. Mayhem: a memoir

from Alone in Berlin

He might be right: whether their act was big or small, no one could risk more than his life. Each according to his strength and abilities, but the main thing was, you fought back. Hans Fallada – Alone in Berlin, c.1947, 2009

from The book of Joan

If we look at history – those of us who study it, who can remember it – we understand the reason why those who come to power swiftly, amid extreme national crises, are so dangerous: during such crises, we all turn into children aching for a good father. And the truth is, in our fear […]

part of the cover image to Why dinosaurs matter by Kenneth J. Lacovara. A pixelated dinosaur on a reg background

from Why dinosaurs matter

The most damning misconception about dinosaurs is the idea that their extinction, except for the birds (more on that later), represents their own failure to adapt to changing conditions. Until relatively recently, the idea seemed patently true. If only they weren’t such dim-witted, sluggish, stuck-in-the-mud, ponderous creatures, maybe they could have survived and hung on […]

from Gnomon

How many harmless young black men have been injured or killed in modern cities in white countries this year, for the crime of exciting someone else’s racism? Too many, and it must end. Harkaway, Nick, Gnomon (William Heinemann, 2017)

from Gnomon

She must move. Or she must stay put. She must attack or she must escape. It is vitally important that she does something, even if it is nothing. To be surprised by death while dithering is failure. Harkaway, Nick, Gnomon (William Heinemann, 2017)

Part of the cover of The one we feed by Kameron Hurley. a soldier's hand carrying a futuristic looking rifle by their waist

from The one we feed

Remember when my head was full of old proverbs and not a lick of fact? Yeah, well, I think it’s turned around now as I get older. Fewer facts. More proverbs. It’s the stories that stick. Hurley, Kameron. The one we feed, 2017

from Gnomon

It was the spring before the vote on our relationship with the European Union, and so I started from what I saw all around me. I imagined that we might lose the vote, despite the obvious absurdity of that outcome. Harkaway, Nick, Gnomon (William Heinemann, 2017)

from Gnomon

I worked as only someone who lives without dependents or lovers can. Harkaway, Nick, Gnomon (William Heinemann, 2017)