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The comment section does what the comment section always does: smells blood and catches fire. Fredrick Backman – Us against you – pg. 147

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A woman like me is always a temptation, if possible to arrange it unobserved; as whatever we may say about it later, we will not be believed

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So few wild creatures, relatively, remain in Britain and Ireland: so few, relatively, in the world. Pursuing our project of civilisation, we have pushed thousands of species towards the brink of...

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But how can you trust anyone’s story? Every story, including mine, is an enactment of what we wish to be true, an edited version of our selves. Mayhem: a memoir

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We thought we were so modern. But then so did our parents, and so did their parents before them. Mayhem: a memoir

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It’s easy to express vulnerability when you are strong, and almost impossible when you are not. Mayhem: a memoir

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He might be right: whether their act was big or small, no one could risk more than his life. Each according to his strength and abilities, but the main thing was,...

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If we look at history – those of us who study it, who can remember it – we understand the reason why those who come to power swiftly, amid extreme national...

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That sounds crazy, you might be thinking. Indeed it does, but that’s why we have science. As history demonstrates, common sense is a poor guide to understanding the structure and complexity...

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The most damning misconception about dinosaurs is the idea that their extinction, except for the birds (more on that later), represents their own failure to adapt to changing conditions. Until relatively...