Tin Man

My book club chose this for the January meeting, and although I hadn’t even started it when the book club met at the beginning of the month I thought I’d give it a try anyway. I do remember seeing very positive mentions of it online last year but never felt the inclination to read it. […]

Guestpost – My little red reviewer

I’m delighted to host Andrea Johnson for her guestpost on “I blog to share the joy”. Andrea blogs at https://littleredreviewer.wordpress.com and is currently running a kickstarter for a print book of The Best of Little Red Reviewer. Book blogs are my favourite sort of blog, so I’m glad that Andrea has chosen to talk about […]


So this was not a very good film. I mean, I don’t think I was expecting too much, it is a DC universe flick and apart from Wonder Woman I haven’t had much joy from them. But I had heard semi-good things about this. You know, that it was fun and maybe mindless, but of […]

The Thing About Ghost Stories

Available online – Uncanny Magazine Issue 25 Why do we tell ghost stories, or read or listen to them? Maybe you believe in ghosts, maybe you don’t, maybe you want to. Maybe you just want a good scare, or to feel that you aren’t alone in experiencing whatever it is that has just creeped you […]

Happy New Year

That’s another year over and done with. And in many ways I’m thinking people are delighted to see the back of 2018 as it certainly wasn’t great for a lot of people. But there was good news as well, and it helps to remember that is isn’t all doom and gloom. There have been two […]


I loved this book. I pretty much read it in one sitting, with occasional breaks for a cup of tea and taking the dogs outside. It is wonderful. It is a fantasy/romance/horror/humour story with swordfights and magic and its just so well written you want to keep right on reading even when you know you […]

from Indigenous directors discuss the “savages” in the Coens’ latest western

What’s hard is these stories take up the majority of the space. They get on the most screens. They’re the ones we’re most familiar with. So we don’t watch and think, “That’s a white male perspective.” We say, “That’s an American perspective.” That’s what we’re unconsciously adopting. Lisa Jackson – Indigenous directors discuss the “savages” […]


I first noticed Eggshells when it arrived at work, with those hints about changelings and fairy tale echoes. But I didn’t pick it up at the time. It was only more recently when the author was named as winner of the Rooney Prize for Irish Literature 2018 that I decided I’d give it a go. […]