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Dracula Untold [based on characters from the book by] by dir. by

Dracula Untold dir. Gary Shore

In the 1400s the Turks claimed boys from the lands they conquered. Vlad was one such boy. Held as a royal hostage he was beaten and whipped, and turned into a soldier, one of such ferocity that he became known as Vlad the Impaler. But that was years ago, since those dark days he has returned home to rule his

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Dracula [essay] by


I almost forgot to post my Coursera essay on Dracula but y’all are in luck, because I have remembered: Fear of the East, of the eastern “barbarians” was a contemporary issue in Victorian England. Dracula can be seen as that “other”. He originates in a wild unknown eastern land[1] , from a place and a people so different from English

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