The Road

based on book by Cormac McCarthy IMDb | Metacritic Grey is the first word I think of when I think about this film. Grey and bleak. That is to be expected; this film is set after the apocalypse. A time when the world has turned to ash, and there is nothing living, nothing except people, […]

A History of Violence

ViggoThis is a strange film. I suppose I should have expected that from the director though shouldn’t I?

We open with two criminal-types, drifting across America, leaving a trail of casual violence behind them. And, if I hadn’t seen the trailers, I might have thought that these two were the main “baddies” of the film. But although their dead-eyed gaze might be enough to stare down the school’s bully, they pick the wrong diner to rob when they head into Stall’s late one night. This is where the story takes off, although the pace is still quite measured.

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The Lord of the Rings: The Return Of The King [based on book]

Got up early this morning, caught my bus at 10 to 9 and headed into town to see the third and final installment of LOTR. At the cinema we took a look through the times, and more importantly through the screens and decided on the 11.15 showing in screen 17, 4th floor. The biggest screen […]