Reaper 1.01

The ReaperYet another pre-air show has escaped onto the wilds of d’internet. Isn’t modern technology a wonderful thing? Right, on with the recap. We open with Sam on his birthday. He is 21 today, but his parents seem a little off, odd would be a good term[1] His brother Kyle is more normal in his response, the usual brother banter goes on. Sam, at first distracted by a news story about an arsonist on the news, retaliates by asking, ever so innocently about a letter from Stanford. It turns out that Kyle had applied, and didn’t get in. His parents are a little upset at this, something that Kyle can’t quite understand and protests that Sam never went to college. His mother however disagrees, Sam did go to college, for a whole month, it just made him sleepy so he came home. They are both very proud of him.

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  1. strange is another good word