Matthew Goode

2010 #14

Tis a bird high up in the sky [...]

2010 #13

clouds! [...]

2010 #11

I've been very lax about my weekly photos, but look, I distract you with a cat


2010 #10

Good lord, week ten already. And I've missed some... this year is flying by [...]

2010 #3

Over the winter I’ve been putting out food for the birdses. I usually don’t get to see them enjoy it as by the time I’m ho [...]


Based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore & illus. Dave Gibbons Don’t you just love it when you turn up to watch a crappy film[1] [...]

2009 #5

Taken before the Ireland V France match in Croke Park. And, with a bit of editing, as you can see ;) Click for a larger view [...]

2009 #4

I’m a bit late with this weekly photo, I know, its pretty much time for number 5. But its been a busy week so far. Who else is slightl [...]
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