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James Gandolfini

The Sopranos dir. by , ,

The Sopranos created by David Chase

I’ve recently rewatched The Sopranos[1] well, some of the episodes I never caught in the first place, so in many ways it wasn’t a rewatch, although I knew where it was all headed. I had forgotten so much of what went on in this show. And it makes me wonder how we all coped before DVD box-sets. They are one

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Where the Wild Things are dir. by

Default fox is the defaults - Image taken from page 40 of 'Travels in Africa during the years 1875-1878 (1879-1883-1882-1886) ... from The British Library

based on the book by Maurice Sendak I was never exposed to this book as a kid so didn’t have that “cool, but I hope they don’t wreck it” sort of expectation that some had when they first heard this was going to be adapted into a film. The book itself is a picture book, only a couple of hundred

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