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8 January 2021

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It’s autumn, the time for ghost stories

I picked this up because it was mentioned on twitter

and I figured, what the hey1

I didn’t really know any more about it than the fact that it was set in an alternate England/Britain also known as the Greater Republic of Britannia.

I really enjoyed it, although at the end I did sort of feel that I had missed something in the read. But that might be because I was expecting more of a resolution at the end, whereas that wasn’t really the case. Or was it… I mean I think something happened, but I could be wrong, and maybe I’m reading stuff into it that wasn’t there, it certainly isn’t overly explicit in the actual text.

But also, that doesn’t matter, because the reading of the story was wonderful. It is an atmospheric ghost story, about coming home and dealing with grief and PTSD and trying to find your place in the world. But also dealing with the fact that war betrays soldiers and you can never quite escape that.

I’m certainly going to read more by the author.

  1. or should that be what the hay?  

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