Happy New Year

1 January 2021

So that’s an end to 2020, it was certainly a strange year. But to be honest I don’t think 2021 is starting any differently. We’re in lockdown again, at least until the end of January. Don’t think it’ll be back to normal1 until we get the vaccine rolled out fully. Here I think we’re looking at the end of 2021.

But there are still plenty of things to be positive about, so for today at least, lets accentuate the positive. Of course I’m lucky in that I can ignore the negative, at least for a while. Some people can’t, because the negative is directly affecting them all the time. So one way of accentuating the positive for me, will be to start off 2021 by making a donation to a Focus Ireland which combats homelessness. I’m sure there are plenty of charities that need your help where you are, so if you can, why not start off this year by giving a little.

  1. for whatever your definition of normal is 

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2 Responses

  1. anne says:

    Happy New Year, D! Let’s hope it does turn out to be different (better! different better!) from this past never-ending gorram year.