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13 August 2019

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The Interdependency #2

You know, I thought I’d reviewed the first book in this series The collapsing Empire last year when I read it, but I can find no trace of it here. I guess I didn’t…

But from what I remember of that book I quite enjoyed it, not enough to rave about, but enough that I’d been intending to read the sequel for quite a while now. Although when I started reading The consuming fire I will admit that it took me a chapter or two to actually remember a lot of the details of the first book. But eventually they came back to me, or enough of it that book 2 made sense and I knew who all the characters were.

Emperox Grayland II is now in situ, but there are still those who think that they would do a much better job and really wouldn’t it be better if she was dead… Plus most people still don’t believe her about the end of the Flow, which is the only thing that connects various habitations to one another. And as all the habitats are dependent on others their connections are vital to life, never mind to political stability.

As with the first book I enjoyed this read, it more than kept my attention and I’d have no problem recommending it. However it was only in the last few chapters that I began to feel really engaged by it. Up until then it is had been good and serviceable, but then it turned extremely intriguing and I now wish it hadn’t ended. I guess I’ll just have to wait for book three to find out how Brexit in space works out for the Interdependency.

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