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13 August 2019

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Legacy of Orïsha #1

I added this book to Mount TBR back in 2018, but it took it being nominated for Not-a-Hugo-but-the-Lodestar to get me to read it. Back then Ana really enjoyed it and the various blurbs made it sound really entertaining.

Unfortunately it didn’t quite work for me, and at least twice I felt that book was overlong and seemed a tad questy-generic.

Also I did not like Zélie’s romance storyline, it felt a little shoe-horned in, as though the author figured sure its YA, I gotta have the romance.

That being said there was lots I did love. The world-building was awesome. Children of blood and bone is set in Orïsha, where magic was once everywhere. But then came The Raid, when magic died and the king murdered all the maji, leaving their children marked as the lowest of the low “maggots”. Zélie remembers that night, because her mother was a maji and was brutally carried off and murdered, her father beaten, and she, marked with the white hair of a maji has faced oppression and prejudice ever since.

I really feel like there are the seeds of a great story in this book, but maybe it needed better editing to make it a tighter story line.

But I still really enjoyed it, I just wish it could have been a little better. But I certainly liked it enough to want to know more and I will be reading the second book Children of Virtue and Vengeance.

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