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4 July 2019

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I first saw mention of this book on which described it as a book that leads us onto the muddy, bloodstained road that Folk Horror normally follows, and then finds side paths and valleys and hills that take us in very different directions.

It only took me half the year to get around to finally reading it, I guess that’s not too bad all things considered.

Ghost Wall is Silvie’s story, her father has decided that he, her mother and Silvie, will join a university professor and students with some experimental archaeology and reenact life in the iron age. Silvie’s father is a real charmer1 he treats both Silvie and her mother as though they belong to him and resorts to violence to ease his frustration or anger. His passion has always been history, and especially a version of a pure Britain without all the modern outsiders. Silvie is kept under a very tight leash, never allowed mix with boys, beaten whenever she disobeys, and sometimes even just for talking back.

It is a short book, told from Silvie’s point of view, and it really sucks you in to her world view. You can really feel her fear and apprehension when she does something that she knows her father would disapprove of.

I’d highly recommend it.

  1. by which I mean the opposite 

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