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5 June 2019

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The Sixth World ; book 1

After the world floods Dinétah, formerly the Navajo reservation, is utterly changed. The old gods and magics have returned, and with them monsters and so monsterslayers. One such slayer is Maggie Hoskie, gifted or cursed with the ability to kill.

This is a book I’ve been meaning to read for ages. It had great word of mouth and while I didn’t quite click with her short story Welcome to your authentic Indian experience I did appreciate the writing in it. So when I was on the train looking for something to read and spotted this one I figured it was the perfect time to give it a try.

I loved it.

I loved Maggie. She’s so fierce and determined, you can’t help but admire her, and yet she is also flawed and wounded, so you can’t help but hope things work out for her. Roanhorse has that great way of getting you to feel what the character feels, so that even if the plot isn’t working you still go with the character. And in this case the plot DID work, so it was positives all around.

I’m really looking forward to reading Storm of Locusts, the second book in the series now. But I do think that you could read this as a standalone. Not everything is resolved, but enough is that you will be satisfied with the ending if you decide not to read on.

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