The Thing About Ghost Stories by

3 January 2019

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Available online – Uncanny Magazine Issue 25

Why do we tell ghost stories, or read or listen to them? Maybe you believe in ghosts, maybe you don’t, maybe you want to. Maybe you just want a good scare, or to feel that you aren’t alone in experiencing whatever it is that has just creeped you out.

The narrator of The thing about ghost stories listens to ghost stories because she collects them, she has just written her PhD dissertation all about what ghost stories mean, and, like all good dissertations, managed to come to no conclusion at all. But while writing her mother died. And then, while out collecting more ghost stories, two separate people tell her she has a ghost sitting next to her, a ghost who wants to tell her something.

The thing about ghost stories is a lovely story, easy to read although in one or two places I did have to reread a few lines to make sure I knew exactly where I was, dealing with loss and ghosts and what they mean.

As to whether it ever comes to a conclusion… well, you’ll have to read the story yourself and find out.

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