TBR update

17 September 2018

Well, it has been quite a while since I’ve done a TBR update, April to be precise. Since then I’ve only added 13 titles. I think that’s not too bad… it makes for a total of 180 on the list, with 26 added this year. And I’ve read 11 of them, so that’s pretty damn good going.

The latest additions are :

  • Martha Wells – The Cloud Roads READ!
  • Walter Farley – The Island Stallion Races – rec’d by Judith Tarr on Tor.com “When Aliens Join Your Horse Fantasy”
  • Nicola Griffith – So Lucky – because it is Nicola Griffith, and also because of her Whatever! post
  • Meg Howery – The Wanderers – rec’d by snaw on ask.metafilter “it feels like a book by and about women. Imagine a version of The Martian with actual character development and insight. “
  • T. J. Berry – Space unicorn blues rec’d by Alex Brown on Tor.com “”Science fiction and fantasy blur together in this rolicking space opera about a half-unicorn and a down-on-her-luck spaceship captain”
  • El?bieta Cherezi?ska – The Widow Queen – although this is not due to be published in English for years! why would you bring this up Tor? Oh yeah, cause you are publishing it and hype sells :(
  • Maria Dahvana Headley – The Mere Wife – first heard about it via Tor.com
  • Heartfield, Kate – Armed in her fashiontwitter thread by the author about gender and medieval Europe and how it wasn’t all straight and white.
  • Bennett, Robert Jackson – Foundryside – because I read his City of Stairs as part of the Hugo packet and really liked it.
  • J.M. Frey’s – The Untold Turn – because of the author’s reasoning about why they wrote it “I could not make him understand that everything was always made for him, by default. And that being a niche, or a small shelf in a book store, or being the side character, sucked.”
  • Pat Barker – The Silence of the girls – rec’d by Jonathan McAloon’s article ‘If you’re a woman the whole of European literature starts with silence’
  • Lisa Hanawalt – Coyote DogGirl – because I’m a huge fan of BoJack Horseman and loved her XOXO talk “I wanted a surreal horse-focused western with dog-people”
  • Anna Segher – The Seventh Cross – rec’d by Anna Carey on twitter
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