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10 September 2018

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If you are anything like me, you hear a film called Beast and think of Beauty and the Beast. And then you see the main character in a yellow dress, with a one syllable name that ends in an ll sound, and there are scenes of stepping through hedges, almost from one world to another and you think, awesome allusions film-maker personage.

But then again, maybe you aren’t like me. Never fear there is much much more than echoes of Beauty and the Beast in Beast.

The main character is Moll, she lives in the family home and is celebrating her birthday. But her mother’s garden party/barbecue isn’t really fitting her mood. So she wanders off to the local pub/night club and has a great old night drinking and dancing.

But when she returns home the next morning her mother’s reaction seems way over the top in terms of her adult daughter’s actions. There are definite hints of something in her past, what we aren’t exactly sure, but it certainly seems like her mother is controlling and abusive.

Then there is the fact that society in Jersey is being haunted by fear as a serial murder is on the loose. Is Pascal, the man who brings Moll home the morning after her birthday, the man responsible?

In case you’re wondering I really liked this film.

It also looks great, make you want to go visit Jersey apart from all the murdering and whatnot :)

I’m also torn as to the ending. And of course, to discuss that we’ll need to move into spoiler territory :
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Two thumbs up.

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