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26 June 2018

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A collection of five short stories by the classic western author Louis L’Amour. And by classic I mean the idealised version where men were men1 and sometimes a man had to do what a man had to do. And usually that would end in the death of other men. But they weren’t good, manly men. They were low down sneaks, or Indians2 .

And L’Amour certainly has a formula to him, made all the more obvious by reading five of his stories, one after another, in this collection. Tough men, forced to take action. Sometimes with a troubled background. Often with no background. And they all win the girl in the end, despite often not having said more than one or two sentences to her. Love conquers all I guess.

But they are competently written, for all that, and they do their job of providing some entertainment, if you can get over the casual racism and sexism. I know there are many who cannot, and I’d recommend against these if that is the case for you.

  1. white men, obviously 

  2. I’m talking about the books version of the world not mine. I do object to this 

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