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3 March 2018

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The Clocktaur War ; book 2

Some books are just great fun. You sit down to see what they’re like and before you know it you’ve read the whole book and are wishing you would’ve slowed down a bit because now it is over.

I loved the first book, and this sequel is just as good. If you enjoy stories about a ragtag bunch of adventurers on a quest, some of whom really appreciate a good index, then go pick up The Clockwork Boys and see if you don’t enjoy it.

It has a wonderful main protagonist in Slate, the forger/sneak of the band. I really loved her voice. But the whole band is great, even Learned Edmund grew on me. And the gnoles! the gnoles are fascinating, I want more about Grimehug and Sweet Lily. I’d love more about them all, to be honest.

Seriously, give this duology of books a try, they’re great.

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