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12 January 2018

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I was never one of those children who was majorly into dinosaurs, but I do remember a reading a few books as a kid. I can still remember the illustrations in the Ladybird book of dinosaurs that we had. Of course, all those old Ladybird books had wonderful illustrations so maybe it had more to do with that than the actual dinosaurs. Still, everyone loves dinosaurs, don’t they? I mean, they’re pretty damn cool.

It is amazing to think that we are still learning about them, and discovering new ones, and yet they lived so long ago. So very very long ago. So long ago that it sort of doesn’t really make sense to my brain. But also, there were dinosaurs around for longer than they’ve been gone… that’s just mind-blowing.

This is a short book. It doesn’t go in-depth into too much, but it is perfect reading for someone like me, who has a general interest but no real knowledge about dinosaurs. It is easy to read and entertainly written and Lacovara certainly makes some interesting points.

Well worth a look.

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