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2 October 2017

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Emma Bull is an author I have been meaning to read for a long time. She was one of the first to start the whole sub-genre of urban fantasy. And although urban fantasy can contain rubbish so can any other genre, it also contains gems.

War for the Oaks was not one the books that I added to Mount TBR over the years, but it was the first book by Bull that I came across when browsing the library catalogue, and I had heard mention of it. More than enough reason to pick it up.

The novel centres on Eddi McCandry, a rock and roll singer who has just broken up with her boyfriend and left her band. She has also just been chosen by the Seelie Court as the mortal they will bind to them on the battlefield. Discovering that faeries exist was shock enough, discovering that they want her in order to bring mortality to war is on a whole different level.

Just as important as the fey in this story is the music. Eddi is a musician and singer. That’s who she is, and it is part of the reason the Phouka gives for having chosen her. If you aren’t into music then you may find some aspects of the book a little skim-worthy. I’ll admit I found that some of the descriptions of the music and band scenes went on a little too long, but music isn’t really my thing. I listen to it, I enjoy it, but I’m pretty much as far from a musician as you’ll get. I still enjoyed the majority of it, and I really liked the way the music became part of the plot.

I also loved Eddi and Carla’s friendship. They really felt like real characters with real history.

Overall I enjoyed it, and I think I will be reading more Bull1 in the future. So far I have her Falcom and Territory on Mount TBR, anyone got any other titles they think are better by her?

  1. that doesn’t sound quite right, does it :)  

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