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I can't say I ever wondered what it felt like to be human.
–Stephanie Burgis - The dragon with a chocolate heart - c.2017

I never actually added this book to Mount TBR when I saw Ana’s review on The Book Smugglers, but I did mentally make a note of it. And spotted it and ordered it for work. And it came in last week. And I saw it, so I borrowed it.

And I loved it

The dragon of the title is Aventurine, the fiercest creature there is! or so she says. Her mother says she isn’t allowed outside at all until her wings can carry her and her scales have hardened. But Aventurine is a dragon who loves adventure, she isn’t going to sit at home for another thirty or so years, she wants to get out. So she finds a secret way out, and sets off hunting. But her mother’s warning was not in vain, and Aventurine finds herself transformed into a puny human girl! Outrageous.

This book is really excellent. I loved it. Aventurine is a great character, she’s young and naive and her lack of judgement shows. But she’s also passionate and smart and quick to learn, once she sets her mind to it.

And especially where chocolate is concerned.

In some ways this book reminded me of some Georgette Heyer books, not because there is any romance in it, but because the author really manages to make the characters come alive and you feel with them. Plus there are mix-ups and misunderstandings which are the staple of any good romance novel.

I loved it, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a fun light-hearted read, especially one focusing on girls and friendships, and finding your way in the world.

The dragon with a chocolate heart

The dragon with a chocolate heart

Loved it



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