2 October 2017

Every summer for the past few years myself and Himself have been fostering dogs until they can find their way to Sweden and a new home. Every year we in Ireland export our dog problem to other countries, like Sweden, where they have better laws and better enforcement.

This year we had a wonderful collie called Charley who went off to Sweden & her new home in July. Usually we only have the one in the summer but the rescue asked in late July if we could take a little terrier that was very withdrawn and quiet. So we took in little Blossom.

She didn’t have a great life before going to the rescue. We don’t know exactly how old she was, but the vet said double digits. She certainly didn’t have a great life, skinny, with muscle wastage from long-term malnutrition. She was quiet and slept 90% of the time. After a few weeks she’d give the smallest wag of a tale, but unfortunately she never got the chance to ever recover fully.

Two weeks ago she took a bad turn. The vet didn’t look too hopeful when we took her in, but after a night getting fluids from a drip she began to recover. At that point we decided that she would stay with us, she deserved more than being uprooted in the search for a new home and a new family. She’d stay with us.

But she only had another week.

After another vet check-up, where he was surprised at how much she’d improved, she went downhill over the course of one night. She didn’t know where she was, and kept trying to walk into the wall.

RIP little Blossom, at least we knew you for a short while.

And the reason I’m sharing this here is to urge you all, if you are getting a dog or know someone who is, please go to a rescue or a pound. Adopt a dog, there are so many great dogs out there looking for homes. Unless you have no other option1 please do not buy a dog. And if you must buy do your research into the breeder first. Too many people are buying sick puppies from unscrupulous puppy-farms. Do your research, do not support that animal cruelty with your money.

  1. and I know in some cases there are specific needs 

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