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3 March 2017

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San Francisco in 1940 is a haven for the unconventional. Tourists flock to the cities within the city: the Magic City of the World’s Fair on an island created of artifice and illusion; the forbidden city of Chinatown, a separate, alien world of exotic food and nightclubs that offer “authentic” experiences, straight from the pages of the pulps; and the twilight world of forbidden love, where outcasts from conventional society can meet.

Rec’d by Liz Bourke who said This is a gorgeous short novel. I came to it vaguely suspicious of its premises, and finished by loving it unreservedly. It’s amazing. Read it.

And part of the book’s beauty is its cover. It is a gorgeous picture of a couple dancing in the moonlight. I think it is part of the reason I bought the book. But a cover is only a cover, it is what is inside the covers that is important. And in this case the insides more than lived up to the cover.

Passing Strange was a strange read for me. I wasn’t really sure it was for me at first. It had lovely writing and interesting characters but at first I kept wondering what it was all about. And then something happened and it suddenly seemed to shift up a gear and took off.

It is certainly a book that would inspire me to read more by the author.

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2 Responses

  1. Kailana says:

    I really liked this. I read it last month after it caught my eye on a post of upcoming releases. I am glad I grabbed a copy and read it so quickly!
    Kailana´s last blog post ..Books, Life, & Everything Else (6)