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5 March 2017

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Logan has always been my favourite X-men1 . Not that I’ve read a huge number of the comics, I haven’t, but in the way back far off days of my childhood I did watch the cartoons. And back then Logan would usually have been my head-fanfic character, followed by Storm, and then various others mutants. So I approve, in theory, of many Logan/Wolverine films. In practice however they often don’t work. Remember that Origins film that was so bad? Well, I don’t really to be honest. I never rewatched it and so the details are all gone now from my memory, but I remember that it was quite quite bad.

Luckily Logan is great.

It has a story, it has characters, and it has heart.

It also has a lot of violence. Like, add up all the violence in the other X-men films and then double it and you probably don’t have the level of violence that this film has. But it never lingers on it, so it doesn’t feel like it glorifies it. It rated a 16s here, not an 18s, so it isn’t ultra violent, but there is plenty of blood and death and the odd decapitation.

But all that violence only works because the film has heart. And you can see the relationship between the characters, the tenderness and the irritation and the grouchiness between Logan and Charles is just so wonderful. Heart-breaking because of the situation they are in, but wonderful at the same time. And Dafne Keen, who plays Laura, is great, she really becomes part of that emotional story.

[imdb_movie_detail title=”Logan” detail=”poster”]And those violent action scenes, they are all really tense. They have weight and heft in a way that many action scenes don’t. Again, I would say this is because the film has an emotional background to it. So unlike other films it isn’t just fancy-ass action scenes where we know the hero will kill everyone in a very competent, if bloody manner. Here characters get injured and die, the violence isn’t beautiful instead it is mostly fuelled by rage and hurt. It feels more real.

Which isn’t to say that the film is perfect, because it isn’t. Especially if you begin to think. Like, if Days of Future Past is part of this film’s canon and backstory, how did Logan get his adamantium skeleton?2 . Also, Show Spoiler ▼

but those are all just details, irrelevancies because the important thing in this film is the emotion of it all. And this film gave me more than enough feels to make it work.

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  1. X-Man?? How does one refer to a singular member of the X-Men? 

  2. yes, this could have also been addressed in X-Men Apocalypse but wasn’t 

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