Warrior dir. by


  1. Harlequin

    Absolutely agree! It totally worked for me too. Flawed in parts and certainly heavily reliant on standard sports movie tropes, if not clichés, but my God, what a film! It affected me deeply. Rooting for two characters to win just had me ripped in two. It really added an extra layer to the film, lifting it above those clichés. Joel Edgerton is terrific, Nolte is brilliant as always but Hardy is astounding. I could not take my eyes off him. Tommy is terrifying. It's hard to see him as the same guy who played Eames and Ricki Tarr. I can't stop thinking about this film and it's killing me that by the time I managed to see it, it was just about to leave the cinema! I would have gone three or four times, no question.

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