Mount TBR – Feb 2016

18 February 2016

  • In the QuietJones, Eliza Henry – In the quiet rec’d by Pam – Book Crazy (a Book group I’m in) “I usually avoid books described as “uplifting” because “uplifting” usually means “sappy”. This one isn’t — there’s honest emotion and characters who snap and bitch and sometimes fail each other.”
  • Making WolfThompson, Tade – Making wolf rec’d by Kate Elliott ” Making Wolf works because Thompson has an unflinching understanding of how cynical and compromised people can become while depicting them as people with understandable motives and reactions. It is, as I’ve said, a violent book, but I never felt pandered to”
  • The Tiger and the Wolf (Echoes of the Fall, #1)Tchaikovsky, Aidan – The tiger and the wolf added because the excerpt sounded interesting.
  • Nelly Dean: A Return to Wuthering HeightsCase, Alison – Nelly Dean rec’d by Lynns books : “On the whole I was totally enamoured with this book. The pages just flew by, I loved the style of writing and I really enjoyed spending time once again upon the moors. Like I said, this doesn’t have the haunting and darkly brooding atmosphere of WH but it is nonetheless a captivating story of love, loyalty and family secrets”, and also because Wuthering Heights is a great book.

So far this year that is nine books added to the mountain, but I have managed to read one from Jan’s list. I finished SPQR by Mary Beard, and it was well worth the read.

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