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1 September 2015

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Dragonbeath #1

Danny Dragonbreath is having trouble with the whole Dragonbreath aspect of his name, in other words he hasn’t yet managed to breath fire. Keep thinking hot thoughts, think about fire, his father tells him, but that isn’t much use when the school bully is teasing you about your very existence. Dragons being mythical beings and all.
Added to that is the fact that you just got an F because you made up your facts for your essay on the ocean and it makes for a not great day.

Dragonbreath (Dragonbreath, #1)Luckily Danny’s mother suggests that he contact his cousin, who just happens to be a sea serpent, and that way he can learn all about the ocean. It is where cousin Edward lives after all.

I may be biased, in that I am a big Ursula Vernon/T. Kingfisher fan, but I thought that this book was just great. It is a kids book, middle-grade [ref]whatever that means to us non-USians[/ref] level, so it isn’t as dark and haunting as some of Vernon’s other work. What it is though is great fun. Danny and his best friend, iguana Wendell, have adventures under the ocean and even learn a bit about deep-sea life in all its weirdness. Plus they learn a little about how to hold off a school bully.

And awesome artwork. Highly recommended when you need something light and easy to read.

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