Mount TBR – August

17 August 2015

I did so well this month, only added 5 books, and I’ve already read one! Go me.

  • Graudin, Ryan – Wolf by wolf : SF Signal (Kristin Centorcelli) describes it as “Code Name Verity meets Inglourious Basterds” – unread & unbought.
  • Griffith, Nicola – The Aud Torvingen books : Metafilter thread on women, writing, and awards. “are brilliant and heartbreaking and made of awesome sauce and everybody should read them but go into them blind or you won’t get their full impact.” as described by MartinWisse – read the first one, The Blue Place & loved it
  • Strout, Elizabeth – Olive Kitteridge : because I watched the HBO mini series & thought it was great – unread & unbought
  • Bowen, Lila – Wake of Vultures : this was mentioned all over twitter – Bought but unread preordered
  • De Abaitua, Matthew – If then : read about it in the publisher;s promo email, Angry Robot. Sounds fascinating. – unread & unbought

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5 Responses

  1. Kelly says:

    The only one of the above I’ve read is Olive Kitteridge, and I really loved it. I put The Blues Place on my own TBR because hello, Scandinavians! Police! Mystery! Kickass wimmins! The winning combination. :)

  2. Fence says:

    I’ve ordered Olive Kitteridge at work so I’ll nab it from there when it comes in. Did you watch the TV show, it was brilliant. Very sad, but so well done.

  3. Kelly says:

    I just watched the miniseries this week… I didn’t even know it existed until you mentioned it! It WAS brilliant… I thought Frances McDormand captured Olive perfectly, and Richard Jenkins, who played her husband, was just as good. They’re only going to enhance your enjoyment of the book, I think. Sometimes it helps having great characters and a great setting in mind while you’re reading… I loved reading LOTR a million times more after having seen the movies.

    • Fence says:

      When it is a good adaptation I agree, it can totally enhance a book. But even if its shitty the book can still be great :)
      The miniseries was so great. It was so unusual to see a story like that told from a female POV, usually it is the male perspective, so that was wonderful. But the whole story, McDormand is brilliant. And Jenkins, who I don’t think I’ve seen much, was great too. So sad, but so great.

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