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5 July 2015

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In the future John Connor sends soldier Kyle Reese back in time to 1984 with the job of protecting Sarah Connor, the woman who will eventually give birth to John. But when Reese arrives he discovers that Sarah already knows all about the machines and Judgement Day. And she has a terminator working with her already.

First off, the first two Terminator films are great. Awesome. Wonderful. And if you haven’t seen them then you really should. They are very different from one another, the first is the better of the two, but they both work so well at telling their story.

This one, Terminator Genisys doesn’t. It is a mess of a film. Nothing makes sense, and the more you think about it the less sense it makes. Instead of plot and character it throws action and explosions at you and hopes you don’t notice the lack.

What made the first film so great was its simplicity and its characters. Boy meets girl. Boy saves girl from killer robot. Boy dies.1 Simple story. Well told. Thumbs up. Genisys seems to believe that the more complicated a story the better. So we have boy meets girl, banter banter2, exposition exposition, random violence, explosion, death, action action, nonsense, boy and girl save each other from killer robots, killer robots save boy and girl from other killer robots, timey-wimey-wibbly-wobbly-bits, boy & girl’s future son comes to rescue/kill them. Err, new timeline where stuff didn’t happen, but has no effect on current time line because they are like, isolated from time!! blah blah blah, nonsense nonsense nonsense.

I went out of curiosity. I shouldn’t have bother. I think maybe next weekend it’ll be much nicer to rewatch Terminator and try and forget all about Genisys.

  1. I didn’t need a spoiler warning for that I hope. 

  2. Unconvcincing banter at that 

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