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15 June 2015

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It’s been over twenty years since Jurassic Park and in that time the public have grown to expect wonders from the theme park that is Jurassic World. So the park is continually trying to out-do themselves, to outdo the dinosaurs they already have. Now they’ve decided it is time to make a brand new dinosaur, the Indominus Rex. Bigger, badder, and scarier. What could possibly go wrong?

I loved the original Jurassic Park and was really looking forward to this film. The trailer that had Chris Pratt and the raptors on the same side looked great.

You can tell where this is going can’t you? Jurassic World was a let down. The dinosaurs themselves were still great and awesome, the problem was with the script and the characters. There just wasn’t enough meat on the story and the characters needed some serious development. Not one felt as well drawn as the characters from Jurassic Park.

The kids were annoying, and the whole divorce storyline that only appeared once and then didn’t get mentioned again? I’m guessing something got left on the cutting floor, but it felt really disjointed. Also the conversation between the two sisters, Claire and Karen, with Karen telling Claire that someday she really would want children? that felt a little weird to me.

I think what made the original film work so well was the fact that the characters worked. Plus you know, they felt wonder and awe at seeing the dinosaurs. I don’t care how many dinosaurs you *know* exist in the world, seeing them for the first time would be an incredible moment, there was very little of that shown in the film, it was almost like they really wanted to run with the “jaded audience” while ignoring the fact that seeing any wild animal up close is amazing.

Also, the heels, and I don’t care if that was a decision the actor made herself, and underwent special heel-running exercises, I found it a bit ridiculous. Couldn’t she have picked up a pair of boots or at least runners at some point? I mean, the character never underwent running in heels training did she?

So overall, meh!, could have been worse, could have been a hell of a lot better.

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4 Responses

  1. I found it enjoyable, but certainly not worthy of repeated viewings or ever owning. It was an average popcorn flick and that is about all. I enjoyed Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, but as you point out, there isn’t a great deal of story here. Certainly it doesn’t add anything to the series, it is more of a reboot with a little history thrown in. And the heels was a very, very stupid thing to do. Not having the character recognize the need to have proper footwear, picked up somewhere along the way, undermined all of her strong points.
    Carl V. Anderson´s last blog post ..Cover Story: July 2015

    • Fence says:

      an average popcorn flick
      So true Carl. And in comparison to Jurassic Park a disappointment, but I suppose I shouldn’t judge it against that film. And as an average popcorn film it was entertaining enough.

      I did read one woman defending the wearing of the heels saying that if Howard’s character wore those heels every day then she probably would be more comfortable in them and able to run better than in flats. And that is possibly true, but running through the jungle? they’d catch in everything and sink into the ground surely.

  2. I don’t think it is wrong to judge it against the original, especially since it feels like a remake of the original made simply because they knew they would get that audience back. Seeing dinosaurs on the big screen with today’s CGI is incredible, but it is sad that they couldn’t go with a more original story rather than this retread.

    That is probably true, but I agree, they would not work out in the jungle.
    Carl V. Anderson´s last blog post ..Cover Story: July 2015

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