The Emperor’s Edge by

29 March 2015

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Recommended by Intisar Khanani

Book one in the series of the same name.

Amaranthe Lokdon is one of the few female law enforcers in the Empire. And she is pretty good at her job, more so that her partner, that’s for sure, yet he is the one that gets the promotion. So when she offered a maybe-not-quite legit job from the emperor’s second in command, and told her reward will be promotion, she takes the offer. Despite her misgivings. And in doing so she ends up on the wrong side of law, consorting with an assasin and on the run from her former comrades.

This is an enjoyable enough read, although in places the plot did seem a little contrived, as though the author needed to get to point X and so the characters did Y.

Also the dialogue in some places was a little forced.

Two negatives that will probably have people avoiding the book, but as I say the story itself was enjoyable, and I liked a lot of different aspects of the story. Amaranthe herself is engaging as a lead character. She’s smart and knows what she’s doing in most circumstances. And she’s able to think her way out of the situations where she doesn’t know what she’s doing.

Like many self-published novels it could probably do with being tightened up and the pacing changed here and there, but there are plenty of so-called traditional novels that do a much worse job.

I don’t think I’ll be rushing to read more in the series, but I wouldn’t avoid the books either.

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2 Responses

  1. jenclair says:

    I started this one, but doubt I will finish it. On the other hand, I read Stray, which was also recommended by Intisar Khanani and really liked it. I’m reading the second in that series now. I think I found the link to Khanani’s recs here on your blog. :)

    • Fence says:

      I might try that one at some stage. I also have Pygmy Dragon (I think) which she also recommended so I’ll have to try that at some point.

      It kept me entertained for longer than a train ride, so it wasn’t bad.