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  1. I just can’t do the rape thing in my reading. At least if I tend to know about it ahead of time it means I’ll end up staying away from the book. I’m glad to hear that you think it is done to serve the story, as I don’t often find that being the case when I do encounter it. I’m sure on some level it is a male thing as I tend to want to question the motives of any man who puts rape scenes in his book, but I’m not as quick to be concerned if a woman does. Probably weird, I know.

    Now giant eagles!!! Heinlein had some funny lines about flying horses in one of the short stories in the Assignment in Eternity collection I just read.

    1. The rape scenes are never described in detail. But the fact that it happens, and to children, is highlighted. And how certain people ignore it in certain circumstances. It also raises a lot of issues that people don’t want to think about, like a lot of prostitutes (in real life) aren’t really doing it voluntarily, so isn’t that rape? I

      A difficult topic, but one I think Elliott treats with respect.

      Stll, I can totally understand wanting to avoid the topic.
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