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21 April 2014

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I bring the fire Part 21

This book follows on straight from book one, so if you haven’t read that you’ll have no idea what is going on, so go read book one. No spoilers for either book here.

Monsters by c. Gockel

Monsters by c. Gockel

Things haven’t gone so swimmingly for Amy Lewis after the events of book one. But she does have new job, now she works for Steve Rogers. And yes, that is a deliberate reference to Captain America, although Gockel’s character is very much *not* Cap. There are a whole host of references to pop culture, from The Lord of the Rings to Avengers and loads more in between. But the author never makes them too numerous or knowing, they feel like the references people would actually make if someone like Loki showed up in their lives. Pop culture is, for the most part, where we know the Norse gods from. Makes sense that we’d ask be doing all those comparisons too, finding out the differences and the similarities.

If you’ve enjoyed book one then this is more of the same. And that’s meant in the best possible way. I really enjoyed book one, and this sequel is just as good. I’ll be off to read book three as soon as I can. Really I suppose all three2 should have been published as one book, but having them in these different installments and offering the first for free lets people take a chance on this without any real risk.

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