An uncertain place by

Translated by Sian Reynolds.
An Inspector Adamsberg novel #6

Adamsberg is in England at a European policing convention, discussing immigration and the control thereof. Well, that’s what everyone else is discussing, Adamsberg is using the fact that he can’t understand English to his own advantage. But while out on a tour of London he and a group of other policemen discover a collection of shoes. Complete with feet inside. And outside Highgate Cemetery with its ominous reputation. But that is a matter for the British police surely.

And when Adamsberg returns home a new murder case takes his attention; an old man living alone is battered to death. His body utterly destroyed, pummelled into mush. As Admasberg and his unit investigate they find that this is no simple murder.

An Uncertain Place - Fred Vargas

An Uncertain Place – Fred Vargas

I’m a big fan of Vargas’ Inspector Adamsberg series. Adamsberg himself is a fantastic creation. A seemingly distracted investigator, he is almost the opposite of the traditional Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot And this book starts out really well. Creepy and macabre, and with a hint of vampires. It really is a perfect read for the RIP event. I love the interactions between the different characters that make up the squad. They all have their different strengths and weaknesses, and somehow, even when they don’t get on they still manage to work well together. Well, most of the time they manage to work together, what is a story without some amount of friction

For most of this book I really enjoyed it, but the ending felt a bit rushed to me, a bit wham bam thank you mam. I’d still recommend it as a very good read, but not my favourite of Vargas’ work.

This is my first read for this year’s RIP, you can also check out what everyone else is reading on the review site

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6 Responses

  1. Caroline says:

    I've read her Three Evangelists series and it's so, so good. I'm sure this one is as well but I didn't get the time yet. Too bad about the wham bam ending. But there is a hint of vampires . . . :)
    Caroline´s last blog post ..Simon R. Green: Ghost of a Chance (2010) A Ghostfinders Novel

  2. Peggy Ann says:

    This last month I have ran across numerous great reviews for Fred Vargas. I am going to have to get one to read for myself!
    Peggy Ann´s last blog post ..The A.B.C. Murders by Agatha Christie

  3. Harlequin says:

    I'm going to make a point of reading more of Vargas' Adamsberg books. Maybe go back to the beginning. I think I've only read two – Seeking Whom He May Devour and Wash This Blood Clean From My Hand. Although maybe The Three Evangelists as well – was that the first of that series?

    • Fence says:

      They were published in English out of order, Seeking was the first to be translated. The Three Evangelists is the first in the Three Evangelists series, but the first in the Adamsberg books is The Chalk Circle Man. There is a bit of crossover between the two series though.