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The Jan Xu Adventures : book 1

Jan Xu’s sister is coming home. It should be a reason to celebrate. They were very close when they were younger, but then Marianne left, headed to London to study law and Jan has seen her in years. Marianne didn’t even come home when Jan got married, or had her two daughters. And that fact hurts.

Jan Xu lives in a Singapore, she is one of the Lang a Chinese werewolf. Well, her family were originally from China but they have lived in Singapore for many many years. Her parents are the alphas of her pack, but she is married to a full human, so she cannot take over when they step down from that role. Marianne is one of those who cannot shift into wolf form. It isn’t a disgrace but it is an issue for Marianne. Yet when she brings a western Wolf back with her the family welcomes them both with open arms. So why does Jan feel threatened whenever he is around? and why won’t her sister talk to her?

I really liked a lot of this book. It certainly has a unique feel to it. Most urban fantasy seems to be set in an American city so it is nice to read about somewhere different, with a totally different culture. Singapore is also home to many other supernatural beings. The Myriad is the term Jan Xu uses, from vampires to werewolves, to dragons and foxes and nagas and many many more. And the unique feel to it isn’t just because it is set in a non-American city, Jan has a family. Not just a love interest, but a whole network of extended ties; parents, aunts and uncles, a husband and children. She also has friends. It is so nice to have a rounded background to a protagonist.

I did have some trouble with the back story and the use of flashbacks and memory though. It didn’t quite all tie together and felt a little like padding. I think that maybe the story could have focused more on current storyline. But all in all it was an enjoyable take on werewovles and I will be reading more in the series.

The first book is available for under 5 dollars for the kindle so go on, why not take a risk on it?

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