The left hand of darkness by

The Left hand of darkness by Ursula K Le Guin


  1. I thought this was quite an interesting book…I struggled a little with it when I read it as a teen, though now I understood the complexities much better. It's still a tough read, though! I've also read The Dispossessed, which is another in the Hainish Cycle. It was pretty much the same way. Deep and thoughtful, but tough going. I may read the rest, but I'm not in a huge rush. :)
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  2. I think that even le Guin wishes she had written some things slightly differently in this book. She mentions she thinks Ai is a bit too stuffy at times, & the edition I read had a short story st the end with a positive story of kemmering which she has said she would like to have more of in the book, but was a bit shy when she wrote it ;-)
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  3. I've been wanting to read Le Guin or a while now, but I'm not sure whether I'm ready to embark on a new series. It does sound pretty good though, the gender issues may be a bit outdated, but are likely to be as interesting to read as 40 years ago?

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