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  1. Since I didn't get to read this last week, I'm going off a 17-year-old memory. :) But I find your essay refreshes my memory a bit. To be honest, I remember not liking Frankenstein very much, but don't remember him being as bad as everyone says he is on the forum and in blogs. I remember feeling really sorry for the monster, though…

    I didn't know I could miss TWO essays. I thought I was out of luck as far as that coveted certificate was concerned. Since I missed Dracula and Frankenstein. Maybe I still have a chance! ;)
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    1. I found him incredibly selfish and unthinking. But in an oblivious way rather than a "bad-guy" way, he just had never been taught how to think about others. It is a flaw, but one that did not deserve the punishment,

      I'm not sure about the two essays, I thought I read it somewhere but am not a hundred per cent sure.
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