Railsea by

Railsea by China Mieville


  1. I had a good time with Railsea, although I am a total Mieville fangirl. I'm not sure if it's his best work, but it ain't bad. For readers new to Mieville, they'd have an easier time getting into this one, than say, Embassytown, that's for sure!

    and once I got used the weird verbal mannerisms and stylistic details, I really started to like them. I adored the Shroake kids too.

    1. Anything by Miéville is worth at least taking a look at. I wasn't too fond of Embassytown, I enjoyed parts of it, but the narrator didn't work for me.

      The Shroakes were great, I'd read more about them and their adventures
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    1. I loved the beginning, about the bloodstained boy, and then how it turned that around to not being about what you may have thought the blood might have meant.
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