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Leviathan wakes


  1. Hard SF isn't always easy to get into, even for SF nerds like me. Sometimes I find myself skimming over the math and the physics and infodumps about how the dilithium crystals work.

    but space opera? that's a whole different wonderful thing, and so enjoyable! less with the heavy science, and more with the character drama and adventure, space is opera is a ton of fun.

    you did a way better job in your review of describing the world Corey built than I did, because it's very important to the central story and the characters themselves that life out in the belt is fragile, that air and water aren't limitless. I barely touched on that, and I really should have.
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    1. I'll admit to skimming some hard sci-fi as well, for me, the physics and the like just don't add to the story. But if the rest of it works then I'm fine with that :)
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