A lonely place to die dir. by

5 July 2012

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A group of five friends are holidaying in the Scottish Highlands, mountaineering and hiking and getting away from it all, when they discover a girl hidden in the woods. She is Croatian or Serbian, or possibly Russian. They aren’t sure, all they know is that she doesn’t speak English, isn’t from anywhere nearby, and is obviously in trouble. So they decide to take her to the nearest village and get help. Trouble is that there are in the middle of nowhere. The closed village is only a few miles away, but there is a bit of a drop in the way. So two of the party decide to go that way, the others will take the long, but safe, way down. Hopefully mountain rescue will be on the way fairly soon.

Only of course things don’t go that easily.

The girl has been kidnapped, and the kidnappers aren’t about to let six million euro just wander off with a group of mountaineers.

A lonely place to die

A lonely place to die

I really liked the first half of this film. It isn’t rushed, it takes its time and lets the viewer get into the story and get to know the characters before kicking off the action.

The bad guys are bad, the good guys are out of their depth, and, yes, the Highlands really do look like a lonely place to die. And loads of the injuries and falls look damn sore. Which is something that some action flicks never achieve.

So, for around half the film this is a really good, solid, nnot-quite-horror, not an action, sortof a suspence-y type film. But once we leave the deserted mountains and get to the village it goes a bit run of the mill. And maybe the body count is a little too high, to close together. Spaced out a bit there would have been more tension and suspense. But at the same time some of the deaths are a total surprise if not in who then in when.

This isn’t the best film in the world, but it pretty much does what it sets out to do, and in a competent entertaining way.

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