Neverwhere (group read part 3)


  1. Eris

    Good Omens is his first novel and Neverwhere is his first solo novel but it was a novelisation of the tv series Neverwhere he did with Lenny Henry and it was released at the same time as the series. That's probably why it feels a bit thin and underdeveloped, which is a shame because the world is so compelling and fascinating.

    The Marquis is played in the tv show by the guy who plays Mark's boss Alan Johnson in Peep Show. Sounds brilliant! He's an old mate of a guy I worked with. #SmallWorld

    1. So I was right then :) it is one of his first.

      I've heard about the tv show, and the radio play, but never seen/heard either of them. I have it in my head that I actually bought the dvd of Neverwhere, but I can't spot it at the moment, so I may have *meant* to buy it and then didn't for whatever reason.

      If I didn't, I'll have to now that I now Johnson is in it!
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    1. Don't be alarmed, Mark, it's just Tai Chi. Take a seat and I'll just power through. Should take 45 minutes, I'm done in ten. Stick that up your dojo.

      And I have found my copy of Neverwhere so I shall have to find the time this week, or maybe at the weekend to watch it.
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  2. When I was in NYC at Book Expo this weekend I kept hoping I'd see a subway rat or an alligator a la Neverwhere. I was kind of sad that I didn't. I loved the idea that the rats were good guys.

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