Neverwhere (group read part 3)

For this, the final part of the group read, Carl wanted us to share our to share our thoughts in a more general way rather than ask for answer any specific questions.

I really enjoyed my read, although I didn’t participate in the group part as much as I had hoped. I was didn’t get to visit any one else’s discussion of part 2 but I do hope to play catch up tomorrow. What I will say is that I’m still glad I took part because it slowed down my reading of it, which will probably make it stick with me a lot more.

But to get back to Carl’s request, what did I think of Neverwhere? I liked it a lot. The world of London below is great, and I loved the rats and the rat-speakers. That whole idea was wonderful. And the Marquis was a fascinating character. I would actually have liked to have him developed a bit more. If anything my one complain would be that all the characters were a little under developed, a bit 2 dimensional. Richard, obviously, was the main guy, and we got to see a lot from him, but I sort of felt that we never really got to know anyone else to a great degree.

But the world building in many ways makes up for that.

I think that this was one of Gaiman’s first novels, if not his first, and I think you can see how he has developed as an author by reading his later ones. This has some great ideas and great moments, but it just doens’t quite work as a “great book”, it is missing that whatever you call it that transforms something from a good solid fun read into a great one.
But that shouldn’t put anyone off reading this, because it really is worth picking up and delving into. You may never look at a rat, or pigeon, in the same way.

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