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28 June 2012

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A Newsflesh novella.

In 2014 Dr Wells was on his way to curing cancer. Tests are progressing well. At the same time Dr. Kellis is working on a cure for the common cause. Who would have thought that the two genetically modified cures would ever combine and almost end the world.

This novella tells the story of how the dead rose. The days leading up to the Rising.

I’ve really enjoyed the rest of Grant’s Newsflesh trilogy, and this is an interesting look at how that world came to be. The origins of the zombie apocalypse. And why bloggers took on a more prominent role that more mainstream media.

If you have read the Newsflesh trilogy then this novella will be of interest, however if you haven’t I’m not sure if it would have quite as much interest. There are a few characters who show up later and I think that, in particular, was of interest. It showed how they and their later actions were changed and altered by what they suffered.

But I’m not really all that interested in the science of how the zombies rose, and that backstory was at the centre of this novella. With a bit of a look at the media and how poorly science news gets reported. Plus idiots who act without thinking. That’s a big theme. It’s actually funny, this is a novella that seems to almost argue that you should go along with authority, and that rules are there for a reason, but then reverses that in the end, because authority cannot be trusted to tell you the truth.

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