Among Others by

Among others by Jo Walton


  1. So glad you got around to this, and even more so seeing as how you enjoyed it. Mori's story is an enviable one in that she was such an avid reader and found a karass to share her passions with. It is fun that some of the story is autobiographical in that it mirrors Walton's own youthful reading passions. Her book reviews on Tor dot com are a thrill, and if you haven't checked them out I highly recommend them.

    I think it would be a great idea to have a group to discuss these books. For my own part I have unfortunately read far too few of them to have a decent discussion, but still, I'm always game to talk about books.
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  2. I had trouble with this book… It became TOO MUCH a book list for me, and while the books she was reading were interesting to see, when that began to feel like the main event, well–it just didn't seem like enough.

    And strange though it might sound, considering I was fully willing to accept all the magic, this lost a lot of realism for me when her book club met weekly and apparently read three books for every meeting. Um, really? Mori might read that fast, but most of the population doesn't!
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    1. I can see how that might have happened, but the book list-y part of it never really took over for me. It was more that books were such a part of her life that obviously she was going to mention them, I found that even if I hadn't read the books she had I was still able to appreciate why they were so important to her.

      As for the book group, I got the impression that they picked an author and discussed their work, but that it didn't necessarily mean they did all the reading the week before, they could have read it months ago and just get around to discussing it at the group.
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  3. While I had some different issues with the book, my favorite parts were the lists of books and the book club scenes. regarding how fast she reads, it's almost as if she only reads books that she can devour in one day. I'm sure that's not true, but I jokingly mentioned in my review that maybe she wasn't interested in Herbert's Dune because it's not a book one can finish in one day.

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